We believe we can identify opportunities for impact before anyone else.

Investment Advisory

Bharat and Co. provides the professional investment advisory services. As we help our clients with commercial and Residential real estate investments ranging from a single property to large portfolios with many assets.

Transaction Management

Providing our clients with a competitive advantage by securing the right space, at the right time and at the best prices. the team of Bharat and Co. ensures that our clients transact the right space,

Corporate Leasing

Bharat & Co. has extensive transactional and advisory capabilities built on years experience in commercial real estate. By determining a client’s true occupancy costs, we empower our clients

Retail Leasing

Bharat and co. is a leading enterprise in Delhi and Gurgaon that offers the best retail leasing services. Our experienced team of industry specialists takes over the entire process of retail leasing for you.

Land Acquisition

Before you can build your project, your path must be clear. Our real estate acquisition team helps you to secure land rights needed for your route or site, so that you have path to work.

Loan Approval

Are you looking to Finance your Dream Home? Your wait is over!! Bharat and Co. Presents Home Loans, which allows you to borrow a substantial amount of money to Finance